Recent Works

Materials: All of my work is done on paper with a combination of mediums. I use acrylic paint, pastels, charcoals, and inks


Prices: All of prices listed include the cost of framing. I use quality frames, with acid free mats and conservation clear glass

The prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING/TAXES since this will vary depending upon the location. All prices are in US Dollars.


  Breaking the Ice
Breaking the Ice $800     26"H x 26"W
  Fractured Light
Fractured LighT SOLD
Life Disrupted $700   24"H x 24"W
  Moving On
Moving On $700     24"H x 24"W
  Pedal Shower
Pedal Shower $1300     37"H x 30"W
  Free Fall
Free Fall $1300     36"H x 28"W
Glacial $1300      40"H x 27"W
  Moon Watching
Moon Watching $1200
    33"H x 27"W
  Letting Go
Letting Go $1200      36"H x 28"W
  Night Glow
Night Glow $1200      36"H x 28"W
  Coming Together
Coming Together $400      19"H x 17"W
  Tango 2
Tango 2 $400    20"H x 19"W
  Opening UP
Opening UP $750     25"H x 25"W
  Sunshine on my Mind
Sunshine on my Mind $750     26"H x 26"W
Nature's Rhythm
Nature's Rhythm $400   17"H x 19"W
Natural $700     36"H x 18"W
  Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue $700      26"H x 26"W