Available Works

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        Connected     48"H x 36"W Canvas

   A New Day
      A New Day     36"H x 36"W
       Hidden Layers
Hidden Layers      36"H x 36"W Canvas
  Mountain Light
Mountain Light      8"H x 8"W Canvas
  Breaking the Ice
Breaking the Ice     26"H x 26"W
  Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue     26"H x 26"W
Life    24"H x 24"W
  Moving On
Moving On     24"H x 24"W
Glacial      40"H x 27"W
  Moon Watching
Moon Watching
    33"H x 27"W
  Coming Together
Coming Together      19"H x 17"W
  Tango 2
Tango 2    20"H x 19"W
Nature's Rhythm
Nature's Rhythm   17"H x 19"W
  Sunshine on my Mind
Sunshine on my Mind     26"H x 26"W
  Letting Go
Letting Go      36"H x 28"W
  Reflecting Light
Reflecting Light      36"H x 28"W